We are stronger together!


Success will depend on many factors, but mostly on your determination, on your capacity to maintain unity, and your willingness to persevere even during the difficult times ahead. From your own experience to date, you know it will not be easy. You should be ready for Ryanair’s counter campaign. No one will be surprised by Ryanair when they offer base by base deals or talks of down turns. We have all heard this before. Thirty years of history will not be changed in one day, but your current initiative can be the beginning of a new chapter for you as a pilot body.

excerpt from BALPA letter to the Ryanair Pilot Body

We are living in interesting times! Never have we needed a consolidated source of information and communication as we do now.  The social media groups that have been critical are getting crowded and a clear thread of organized news and status is getting difficult to broadcast around the bases. This site will serve as a source of news, information, contact points and status reports that we all need to keep up-to-date and informed.

Please return here often as a first point of contact for information.  If you have any news that needs to be seen, please send an email to the website via the Feedback page.

Thank you!!