Italian ERC Response

Mr. Mick Hickey,

Director of Operations,

Ryanair Ltd.,

20th September 2017

Dear Mr Hickey,

We are writing to you to inform you that today the ERCs of Italy have voted not to accept your offer of temporary bonus scheme to tackle the pilot shortage issues we are facing.

We believe that these issues are actually symptoms of a much bigger problem. This problem is caused by the failure of the company to construct a solid employee base and IT structure to support the growth of the airline. We believe that continuing to patch up the symptoms of this problem are eventually going to lead to further issues for the company, most probably more serious in nature.

We would like to highlight that these issues are not new and have been raised by pilots at meetings with managers all over the network.

We now request from you:

Document One: A commitment to have a first draft Italian Employee Contract for all pilots and cabin crew based in Italy ready for Christmas and to have a final draft ready for the summer season 2018.

Document Two: A draft plan and commitment to supply the resources (increased staff numbers, proper training and modern software) necessary to adequately staff and operate the supporting departments of the company (crew control, rostering, payroll, HR, maintrol etc.) and create remuneration packages for these staff members which will encourage them to remain in their positions long term, gaining experience and developing into the world class support structure we need.

The above documents must be signed by the board of directors.

These issues directly affect the quality of the lives of the 10,000 crew members who are the engine of this company. We work hard for the company, many of us for many years. We work off days. We accept roster changes in the middle of the night. We fly rescue missions. We fill the gaps often paying for phone calls and taxis out of our own pocket… etc. And we do this almost entirely without complaint. We are proud to be part of this dynamic company and we look forward to building the future.

Unfortunately, we are not able to organise a company wide discussion on this topic, obviously it would be ideal to send this letter signed by all of the ERCs including all of their ideas but it is currently impossible. We encourage our colleagues in other bases and countries to take a similar stance and start now to

demand the structures required to permanently solve these issues and take this company safely through the next stages of planned growth.

In conclusion, it is our primary objective and commitment as professional pilots to work with you to find these solutions without disrupting the service. We truly believe that this course of action is in the interest of not only the crew but also the customers and shareholders.